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Business management today calls for making knowledge productive to the organization. The focus is the informed employee with access to knowledge is able to make more beneficial decisions, adding more value to the organizations profitability.

IT solutions alone have only allowed last reservoirs of data to be collected, but have not provided any firm solution in closing the knowledge gap. However in today's business environment, the relevance of Human Resource is being realised, as intelligent informed people are the most powerful value-add-ons to an organisation's performance. Information becomes powerful and relevant when practically and effectively applied.

Thus, Knowledge Management is the ability to tap and allow a flow of true knowledge and insight across an organisation, offering its complete knowledge resources in a pertinent and useful manner to the requirements, empowering the user to determine, adjust and make pertinent decisions.

Knowledge, it must be borne in mind, is rooted in the human experience and is a combination of information coupled with human insight. KM is oriented towards strategic business performance, and can be defined as being the practice of identifying, capturing, evaluating, systematizing and applying information towards this end. KM must therefore work towards the following: Speeding up learning; improving faster; accelerating innovation; and transformation.

Parle Software is geared up to offer comprehensive Knowledge Management Solutions. Our understanding and exposure to the Indian business environment places us in that distinct position to relate to your KM requirements and formulate pertinent solutions

Reap the rewards of cutting down your Time to Market, as our Systems will help you to avoid repeating past errors, while at the same time, enabling you to maintain all the strong points that your Organisation has built up over the years.

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