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About Us
Board of Director

Parle Software has mixed expertise portfolio in various fields like project management, resources and risk management, technology, business functional expertise, process re-engineering, e-business functionality. Parle Software brings together the team of technology and business visionaries who steer the organization towards its ultimate goal to provide solutions to customers to enable them to achieve excellence and sustainable competitive edge.

Parle Software believes in continuous training and constant development of its team. Its team had developed an ability to build an expertise in any technology and business area. That helps Parle Software to maximize customer relationship value.

Parle Software has young enthusiastic management and professionals from various fields like Business Consulting, Chartered Accountants, Legal Advisors, Logistic Control and Information Technology supported by senior experts from corporate world.

Parle Software has track record in retaining its senior level team for a long time and that had resulted in retaining its clients for a long time. Parle Software along with its associate and team had successfully retain its client for about a decade.

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