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  Careers  @ Parle Software 

We, at Parle Software believe that our team is driving our business growth and client relationship. We don’t simply create manages or programmers, we believe in creating entrepreneurs who shoulders the responsibility of work and commitment. In the dynamic world of IT, where the rate of obsolescence is overwhelming, we have taken a challenge to create an environment that nourishes and develops our team.

Parle Software has retained its team from last two decades and has provided tremendous amount of job satisfaction and personal growth to its team. We, at Parle Software encourage innovation and value teamwork with significant performance rewards and that had reflected in effective and efficient output of our team.

At Parle Software, we share full of challenges, job satisfaction and committed job responsibility. Expanding our team is a continuous exercise at Parle Software, resulted in lookout for award winning people with positive attitude. We believe in hiring people with the passion of excellence to compete in domestic and international market.

Our consistence and continuous training approach in all aspect right from technology, communication, business ethics and knowledge and value for team helped our employees to achieve their financial as well as commercial milestones in a shorter span of time.


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